About Us

Our company was birthed in 2000 – yes we’re a Millennial. It’s founder started with one client which was a local government agency, for whom he developed a Records Management System (RMS) prior to starting the company. The RMS was used on a standalone PC. Shortly after the program’s inception, it was determined it would be a core program used within the local government agency. The agency only had a handful of computers, which were not appropriately networked together. The growth meant engineering a Local Area Network, and incorporating Windows NT Server as a Domain Controller to more appropriately handle logins and security. So as more and more work was being performed, the founder took the leap and started the company. So in August of 2000, HUBTECH COMPUTER SOLUTIONS was started in rural Jefferson County, Illinois. 

Our Purpose

To help individuals, as well as small to medium sized businesses succeed by empowering them with the technologies necessary, as well as keeping each of them safe in today’s cyber world. We give attention to detail and accuracy because technology demands it, but more importantly you as a client deserve it.

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